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Bruce Wells

Wealth Formula 2020 Owner
What our Founder Have to Say – Personal Care Business Consultant
Why I chose this business:

I have been in the industry for over twenty years, and believe me; this company has benefits, features, tools, and resources that allow people from all walks of life to learn, participate, and succeed irrespective of their educational background, race or experience.

That’s not all! When you finish our coaching programs, you will find immense changes in how you perceive the affiliate world. There is no investment or inventory required to get started; neither you have to buy or sell anything. Amazing, isn’t it?

The company manufacturing the products is 35 years old, and their support is very friendly and accommodating. I never had a problem with them, and after comparing them to what was available in terms of training, guides, resources marketing, and compensation, choosing this company was a no brainer.

Coaching, Guides, and Consultancy to Start Your Nutrition Business.

We started Wealth Formula 2020 with a big vision. We wanted to provide an offline and online

Nutrition business coaching with the best products available, at zero investment. Our team also wanted to offer resources and marketing ideas in a way that simply connect valued visitors. With years of experience in the industry, we have trained hundreds of people seeking financial independence while preaching the good that toxic and chemical-free products bring to our lives and environment.

Whether you are pursuing a health and nutrition business or need a complete guide to assist you with affiliate marketing, our personal care consultants are here to help! Our trainers want to curate an experience you enjoy and benefit from both in the short and long run. We prioritize relationships and understand how vital it is today to have multiple streams of income. In an ever-increasing digital world, each time you look at us for assistance, we are ready to connect you with real people and real products.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy and clean society. We believe that health in every element of our life, and through education, inspiration, and changing behavior, we can collectively work towards building a better and greener world.

Our Future

We see ourselves more than an ordinary online nutrition business coaching provider. We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients and see ourselves as a leading resource in health & wellness. Our vision is to foster communities that will grow with us as we cultivate a healthy environment.

We are here to help!

Working with companies that offer high compensation, free training, and marketing is a no brainer!

Starting a business might seem intimidating at first, but with the right plan and understanding, it all becomes very achievable. As a health and nutrition business consultancy provider, we pay attention to the details of helping you achieve your goals. We take assistance from your existing skills and knowledge and amplify it to help you create your dream business in no time.

Besides, there is no investment, buying, or selling needed, and you can start just by simply signing up. Our trainers also dive deeper into the tips, resources, and tools to help you with your business. From selecting a name and choosing the website to create a sales funnel, you will find us ready to assist.

Additionally, if you have any previous experience and understand the foundational practices or are already struggling with your affiliate sales, head over to us, and we will help you grow your nutrition business. As a health, wellness, and cleaning business consultant, we aim to help community members live their dream lives in the best manner possible.

Grow your health nutrition business with us!

Answer to all of your struggles

Are you struggling with low sales throughout the year? Are your leads not converting?

Do you have cash stuck in inventory? Do you want to save time hunting for products?

Are you looking for something that can manage your clientele and provide tailored customer service?

Do you face hurdles in creating a website or marketing your health and wellness products?

If you are facing any of the issues above, rest assured that you are not the first one. As of the most affordable business consultants, we help people rethink their approach to marketing and provide them the option to select from over 400 health and wellness products. Our trainers have over two decades of experience, and we are one of the fast-growing coaching businesses dedicated to providing tailored lessons, satisfaction, and positive outcome for your life.

Why Us?

Professional Approach

We are innovators of health and wellness movement, and our results-driven approach emphasizes our values of integrity and honesty. Our professionals understand how to do business and train you accordingly.

Proven Results

We are always a step ahead in the industry, and with hundreds of products to choose from, we give you access to a vast market. Our trainers provide a transformative solution for personal wellness with proven results.


Our products provide unprecedented changes in lifestyles and induce a motivating behavior that leads to health and wellness for clients.

Turn-Key Solutions

We integrate the latest promotional tools available in the market to provide a comprehensive and turn-key wellness solution.

Struggling with Affiliate Sales and Wellness Business? Not Any More!

Often you come out with excitement to get out there, help people discover products, and financially independent. But, after working day and night to get your business off the ground, things aren’t exactly going according to plan, and you are usually left disappointed.

Our highly affordable health business consultants provide complete training from scratch to help you promote and market the products we sell. The company we work with has been in business for years and is best known for its green and clean products.

Unmatchable Benefits!

Easy to register

It is effortless to register with the company and make use of its diversified product catalog. Once your application is approved, you will get access to affiliate links, reports, and other resources to promote your favorite products.

Earn a commission on every sale!

Participate in an affiliate program without incurring a cost. You don’t need to pay anything to receive promotional materials, nor need to buy or sell products to get started. Just signup with your credentials, and you will be ready to go.

Commission on every sale

Receive commission on every successful sale from the company we work with without any hassle. Our commissions and benefits are unprecedented in the industry and assist you in achieving financial goals.

Hundreds of Products

There are more than 500 health and wellness products to choose from, ranging in different categories, including cleaning and diet.

Customer Support

The support is highly accommodating and listen to your concerns. They help set up your campaigns and assist in every scenario possible.

Monthly payments

Your commissions are paid every month, so you never have to worry about delays in withdrawals or get frustrated about receiving payments.

Access to banners and promotional materials

Upon successful registration as an affiliate, you will have access to banners, images, and text links to market the products. Our affordable business health consultants also provide free training with zero investment to help you get started free of cost.

Experience a Change!

Today, consumers are looking for quality wellness and eco-friendly products to help them live healthy and vibrant lives. The toxic and chemical induce goods not hurt the environment, but some of them also pose a health risk to children and are loved ones.

But how long are we willing to turn a blind eye to these hazards around us, when there are multiple eco-friendly alternatives? The company Wealth Formula 2020 works with is a renowned brand in the industry and provides hundreds of different health and wellness products, including creams and dietary supplements.

For Everyone Associated with the Health Industry

Health Newsletters

If you have access to email lists or subscribers that are health conscious, they might be willing to buy wellness product through you.

Health Practitioners

Promote our inventory of wellness products to your patients and clients to inspire them to take greater responsibility for improving their environment and wellbeing.

Promotion via websites

Many affiliates have established websites actively promoting health and wellness products. The company we are associated with allows them to add more to inventory, increasing the chances of getting higher monthly revenues.

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