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Does Vinegar Kill Germs Sufficiently to be a Disinfectant?

By June 1, 2020 No Comments

Although killing germs using vinegar might work, it doesn’t kill them enough to disinfect an area. Vinegar is not powerful enough to kill many of the bacteria & viruses that cause disorders like MRSA and Staph. Vinegar-based cleaning may leave behind up to 20% of the common germs that cause sickness in children and adults. For a disinfectant, a product must have the ability to kill 99.9% of a range of microbes within a specified time interval and registered with the EPA. Neutralizing such a number of viruses and germs is crucial, hence you cannot solely rely on vinegar to disinfect or sanitize. A good example is when viruses like Coronavirus are high in number, you will want to swap out your vinegar for an EPA registered disinfectant and sanitizer. Here are some things to consider when using vinegar for your home.

See Your Concentrations.

This is especially important when cleaning around pets and kids. Vinegar is a much safer alternative to conventional cleaning products, including those with components like QUATs, phthalates, ethanolamine chemicals, bleach, or ammonia. However, it can still cause injury to pets and people if it is the wrong concentration. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which may result in burns unless it’s diluted satisfactorily. If you have a high concentration of vinegar in your DIY cleaning product, you can hurt eye tissue and burn off the esophagus and stomach if misused.

Avoid Stone Surfaces.

Vinegar is corrosive and can cause damages to your surface. It can deteriorate their condition over time. For this reason, it is advisable not to use vinegar on your rock surfaces such as marble, granite, limestone, onyx, or travertine to prevent dulling or etching of the rock’s surface.

It Is Harmful to Plant.

Vinegar contains elements that are harmful to plants and can damage their roots. It is highly acidic and can cause plants to grow slower or even kill them if used on or close to them.

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