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The Top Three Business Coaching Affiliate Programs

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When I first started with affiliate marketing, it was all too complicated. Will you ever get sales? How will you attract new customers? What are the chances of success? However, as I learned through different resources and online platforms, everything started to make sense. Today, I have over twenty years of experience in promoting health and wellness products and also provide business coaching in the same niche. As one of the business coaching affiliate programs providers, I often think of innovation and ideas that can attract the mass market.

Undoubtedly, green and eco-friendly products are a growing market, and its demand is likely to reach billions of dollars in the next years. With these positive signs, together with the untapped market, promoting wellness and chemical-free products doesn’t require a lot of thought processing. What started a journey to make money quickly evolved into a six-figure business and still brings a chunk of revenue, and yes, you can do it too! With the right guidance, support, and strategies, we provide tons of information to get started and get on track to financial independence.

The list below provides different business coaching affiliate programs, including the services offered by them. As you read, you will realize the difference between and will be able to select the best coaching program for yourself.

Wealth Formula 2020.

The health business coaching program from Wealth Formula 2020 is undoubtedly one of its kind. You might argue with this because of some reasons, but they’re genuinely are amazing factors that distinguish it from all other programs in the market. First, the training is absolutely free, and you don’t even need to pay a single penny, unlike with other programs where you have to deposit a hefty sum. Secondly, the trainer has over twenty years of experience in the health and wellness business and actively promotes products from a company manufacturing over 500 different goods.

The best thing about Wealth Formula that there is no buying and selling involves, and everything is presented to you in a way that is easily understandable and makes sense. Wealth Formula also provides personalized attention where needed, and their coach goes above and beyond to simplify things that are often deemed complicated in the affiliate world. With zero investment and access to a range of marketing tools, opting to go for this program is a no-brainer. The company they work with is also quite famous for its products and has top-notch customer support to help you deal with uncertain circumstances.

The Pros.

  • No investment required to join the program
  • Over 500 different health and wellness products
  • Work with professional having experience of more than two decades
  • Quick resolution of any concerns you face during the training

Life Purpose Advisor.

The program assists you find your life purpose and become financially independent through their generous affiliate marketing program. The founder wants every to pursue a healthy and happy life via coaching and personal development classes. The trainers are skilled and offer advice and resources that help you progress toward life purpose and personal mastery. Because of their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, they have become one of the renowned brands in the industry. Signing up with their affiliate program is easy, and they also provide business coaching to help you succeed.

Life Purpose Advisor is my second best option after Wealth Formula 2020. Some of the things I like about them is their DIY training method and one-on-one programs that provide personalized lessons.

The Pros.

  • Flexible timing, attend class at your most preferred time of the day
  • Availability of both group and one-on-one programs
  • Provide resources for self-study and practices

Natural Wellness Academy.

The website offers a holistic health business certification program, and go as far as providing certification for gut health, spiritual wellness, nature therapy, and more. The course price varies from $99 course to $2,795 and includes information, insights, and learning material for different health aspects. The company has been featured in several American media outlets, including HuffPost, eHow, and Tampa Bay Magazine. Their affiliate commission is flat-rate and is paid within 45 days of when a referral completes payment for a course.

With the different affiliate programs above, you can realize how diversified and vast is the affiliate market, especially when it comes to the health and wellness niche. Although the majority of the programs are paid or require some form of investment, I still recommend going for the ones that come with zero cost and require no buying or selling.

Do you have a coaching affiliate program that you want to add to the list? 

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the above training programs, feel free to let us know.

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